Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big news!!

I'm very, very excited about this. Paul Cardall has agreed to donate some autographed CD's to our auction! I don't know how many, but he was very excited about our adoption. Thanks so much Paul!
On a sad note, sweet little Lera has lost her 3rd family now. She will go to an institution but we are hoping she can still be adopted. She has over 10,000 dollars in her account already! So if you have a home study done, please consider this beautiful girl. I thought for sure she'd be home by now!

We are filling out our i600A form as we speak. This form will basically give us permission to bring an orphan into the country! It consists of sending the form in, and waiting to get a date to get more fingerprinting done. While we are waiting for that we will assemble our dossier. Than that's it!
So spread the word, we need to raise money fast because we are moving right along to getting Makayla home!


  1. OK - I obviously didn't see this post before I emailed you!

  2. Congrats, Lacey! Makayla is a beauty!! I've noticed her on RR - they are all so easy to fall in love with! She is one very lucky little girl!! I am so sad that we will not be adopting, but our hands are full. Looking forward to your auction and helping your family and Makayla get together soon! Maybe you could pick up Lera also while you are over there. Praying like crazy for that sweet girl!! - Maureen Claypool

  3. Congratulations! :**) Makayla is truly one lucky little lady and will be coming HOME to a family who will love and cherish her forever and ever. I've been following your family blog for awhile now and finally decided to begin commenting, along with the regular thought's and prayers I send your family. I am in love with sweet little Jaxson! :*) What a handsome fella!
    If my health was stable, I'd be doing all in my power, with God's will, to bring little Lera home and raise her, be her forever Momma! :**( My own babies are grown and giving me Grandchildren, however, I'll never be too old to a Momma. :) (((HUGS)))