Thursday, September 30, 2010

What you've all been waiting for!

Sorry these pics are dark and not the greatest, we only had minutes with her before they wisked her away and us away to do paperwork. She's actually smaller in person than she is in pictures. She only weighs 13 lbs, but with all those layers on, she looks huge. Her little features are just tiny. They said she has a hole in her heart and something else that I never did get clear in English, just stuff cardiology will check out when we get home. 

Seeing her was the highlight of the day, of course, but we are still struggling just being here. Jax was naughty and spent the night in the PICU, but I believe he's going home today, but that just makes things worse. Our facilitator was fantastic and had paperwork expedited so we can get home as soon as possible. We ran around having things notarized, and our court date is Wednesday. Then I think we are both flying home, because here they don't waive the 10 day wait. Who's coming back, we don't know yet, emotions still need to be worked out before thats decided. 

Oh and we are going to leave her real name instead of Makayla. We can't say what it is until court is over, but when we saw how beautiful it was and how well it fit with Marie, we decided to leave that part of her history alone.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SDA appointment done!

Our airplane from Chicago to Germany.

Is this staircase straight out of a horror movie or what?

The view from our apartment window.

Recognize these adorable babies? Peach and Mallory's mom showed us around a bit, and took us to Mcdonalds! Beautiful Aaron, also just adopted, and on his way home now!
We had our SDA appointment today. It was short and sweet. The picture they have of her isn't the same as ours, but she is the same age, so we still have no idea what she looks like now. They wouldn't let us trade pictures, but thats ok since they look the same. They said she has a heart defect, but when he tried to pronounce it, it didn't even sound remotely familiar. I don't think they know exactly what she has. But of course when we get her home, we'll have the cardiologist tell us exactly what is going on with her little heart. And thats about it. We go pick up our referral on Wednesday at 4, and since our region is so close, our facilitator will just drive us there on Thursday morning after he submits dossiers. So Thursday you should see pictures of our baby girl finally! And what she looks like now. Trust me, we are all dying to see her!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ok, I can breathe and elaborate!

When I wrote my last post last night I was crying the whole time and trying to just get through it.
Our plane ride from SLC to Chicago was horrible! It was a tiny airplane that had turbulance the whole time. I was actually feeling pretty good in the airport, so I didn't take my valium that my doctor gave me. Well after we took off, and it was so shaky, I took one of my valium and chewed that sucker and swallowed it without any water! I'm going to make sure none of my planes home are that small, just can't do it. I talked to the boys one last time from my phone in Chicago. Then as I sat on the airplane, I bawled my eyes out. I still had two more plane rides to get through, and I was already exhausted and missing my boys. The flight to Germany wasn't bad, I highly recommend Lufthansa if you go out of country. They are super nice, and having the TV in my headrest kept me busy during that long flight! Our flight from Germany to Eastern Europe (tomorrow I can tell you exactly where we are, if you don't already know)I slept the entire time. I didn't even wake up for lunch. When we got here, everything was a whirlwind. We were dropped in our apartment with a phone and nothing else. We felt scared, alone, and exhausted.
If I didn't have the internet in our apartment I really would have lost my mind. One thing that made me absolutely crazy was not being able to pick up the phone and call my boys. I had to email my phone number to my sister. I will skype with the boys tonight, but not having that communication at first is super hard! Plus I needed reasurance from my friends that have been here, done that. Thank you for your words of encouragement!
I have to be honest that until a few hours ago, I was being so selfish. I was not even doing what I told my boys they had to remember. Which was that we can sacrifice being away from each other for a few weeks, when Makayla has been alone her whole life. Well I was ready to forget about the whole thing and jump back on a plane home. I wasn't thinking it was worth it. Now I'm getting excited for my SDA appointment tomorrow, and then on to see her!
Its getting better, but I tell you that it was much harder than even I imagined! If you are soon to travel to adopt, please remember that. Everyone that I talk to now that has been here a while is doing great, but they all said they went through the same thing. So don't let it scare you away, just be prepared for massive crying the first couple of nights!
Tomorrow is our SDA appointment, I'll update after that!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

We're here, semi unscathed!

We made it. Oh man I never want to see another plane again! I'm already homesick, tired, and totally freaked out. We have no idea how to get anywhere, and we are in a dilapidated old building. I miss my boys and could just cry. I need some sleep, then I will feel a little better about things!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Auction closed

The auction is closed, and I'm in the process of emailing the winners. If you know your the highest bidder, you can go ahead and pay with the chipin on her blog. I will send the items as soon as they are payed for. Make sure the address on your paypal is right because that is what I use to send the items! Thanks again to everyone that participated!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy birthday baby girl!

Happy happy birthday Makayla! Today is a big day, your first birthday. The birthday that your supposed to dig into your cake, and get lots of presents! All your birthdays from now on will be big celebrations. We are coming, baby girl! And you will have a family that loves you. Big brothers that will dote on you, and good friends that will play with you. Never again will you have to celebrate a birthday alone, with nothing!
Soon, just a couple of weeks, and we'll be holding you! We love you baby girl!

For Makayla's birthday, please go here and vote for Andrea with Reece's Rainbow, for People magazines hero of the year. This women has adopted hundreds of children! Every child adopted through RR is because of Andrea, and look how many children she's saved. You can vote as often as you like!

The auction is going until Monday night. Scroll down and bid away!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Auction rules

Ok, this is a small auction, I don't have an ending date yet because I hope to add more items. So keep checking back!

Remember to leave a comment under the item you want to bid on.

And make sure to up your bid by two dollars from the previous bids.

Any questions just leave it in a comment and I'll answer, remember to leave your email address so I can get a hold of you.

If you have something you want to add, email me at

Thanks, and happy bidding!

Auction item #1, photography session

A photography session with Mindy Sutton. Includes a one hour session on location at the place of your choice here in Salt Lake City, and a disc with all the pictures so you can print as many as you like! You can do the whole family, or just your children. You pick!

Starting bid $20.00

Auction item #2, curly cue bows!

I made these! Halloween, Christmas, and brown and pink. 3 sets of 2!

Starting bid $3.00

Auction item #3, flower head bands!

I can't get this picture bigger, sorry! Set of 3 flower headbands! These are so cute, I tried them on Jax to see how they would look on a baby girl! These are donated by Charrissa, whose also adopting from our same orphanage!

Starting bid $3.00

Auction item #4 photography session

Another photography session by Mindy. Includes a one hour session on location at a place of your choice in Salt Lake City. Also a disc with all pictures so you can print as much as you want!

Starting bid $20.00

Auction item #5, single curly cue bows

These are bigger bows on the bigger clips you squeeze the sides and pop it open. Includes a Halloween, Christmas, and brown and pink bow. Again made by yours truly!

Starting bid $3.00

Auction item #6, flower clips

These were also donated by Charrissa. 3 sets of two, these are super cute flower clips!

Starting bid $3.00

Auction item #7, baby legs!

Set of 3 girls baby legs, donated by Michelle!

Starting bid $3.00

Auction item #8, summer bows

4 sets of summer bows. Ladybugs, blue flowers, yellow flowers, and brown and pink bows.

Starting bid $3.00

Auction item #9, binky clips

Donated by Michelle, two binky clips. Keep your binky's hooked to your baby so they don't get lost! Below are some pictures on how to connect it. Put it through the hole of any binky.

Starting bid $2.00

Auction item #10, holiday bows

Set of 3 different holiday bows. Ghosts, turkeys and snowmen!

Starting bid $2.00

Auction item #11, baby legs

Donated by Michelle, 3 sets of boy baby legs!

Starting bid $3.00

Auction item #12, single bows

Single bows. Includes a ballerina, ghost, ladybug, dragonfly, flower, and two purple clips.

Starting bid $3.00

Auction item #13, baby legs and binky clip

One set of baby legs, and one binky clip! Donated by Michelle.

Starting bid $2.00

Auction item #14, single big clips

These are bigger clips, the ones you pinch and it pops open. Includes a brown and pink, yellow flower, purple flower, and ladybug bow!

Starting bid $2.00

Auction item #15, more holiday bows

More holiday bows. Christmas trees, turkeys, and Rudolph clips!

Starting bid $2.00

Auction item #16, cute single clips

These are so colorful and fun! A ballerina, two flower, and a bug bow!

Starting bid $2.00

Auction item #17, binky clips

More binky clips. Stop buying binkies when your baby loses theirs. Clips right on their clothes. Goes through the hole of any binky!

Starting bid $2.00

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We got a date!!

Sept. 28, thats the day that we will meet with the SDA to get permission to go meet our little girl! I can't believe it, its finally coming! I'm absolutely bursting inside to see what my little girl looks like. I have such an old picture of her, and its making me crazy! Not to much longer though, we are almost there!
For people that are asking, we are still selling the bows, just click on the picture on the side, and follow the directions. I'm going to have another small auction, hopefully tomorrow, and the yard sale is on Saturday!