Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Still taking bids

Ok, our dossier is out of my hands and being apostilled as we speak! I can go have a nice, long holiday weekend!
We are extending the MP3 player givaway for another week, so click on the top chipin that says MP3 player and buy tickets. If you already bought tickets don't worry that it says 0 right now. I had to do another chipin, I still have everyone that has bought tickets so far. One ticket is 10.00 or 3 for 25.00. However much you donate you will get that many entries. So lets say you donate 100.00, you will get 12 entries into the drawing! Click here to read about the MP3 player.
Spread the word, we are fast approaching our date to go overseas, so we are in a last minute rush to raise funds!
And of course the cute hair clips are always on sale. Click on the cute ladybugs to see which ones we have, and just leave a comment telling me which ones you want. You can pay in the second chipin down that says bring Makayla home!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finally a good day!

Ok friends, we are in business! I talked to my social worker today and she agreed to take our annuity off the home study!!
What does this mean? It means that this one document I needed for my dossier to be done I no longer need to worry about! So tomorrow I will pick up my new home study from the social worker, and go right to the capital to have the whole dossier apostilled! Then it can be mailed to Eastern Europe! I'll have to let you know the cost to apostille all this stuff. Utah has one of the highest apostille cost at 15.oo a document! Average is 3-5 dollars. Ouch!
So my guess is going to be 500.00 that it will cost to apostille my whole dossier. We'll see how close I am!
Any other guesses?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I want off this roller coaster!

I've been so excited because we have only two more things before our dossier is done, DONE! Yippee! But these last two things are proving to be stinkers.
On Monday I said I wanted to be done Tuesday, on Tuesday I said today, now I'm afraid to say tomorrow for fear of jinxing myself. I just want this paperwork done! Done so we can sit back and (impatiently) wait for a date to go get our baby girl.
Please send good vibes for paperwork to be done!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

USCIS approved!

I'm back from vacation and a much needed break from adoption paperwork! I worked on getting a whole bunch of stuff done before we left and got some bad news. My home study says my background check was clear but my state background check shows this stupid theft I was accused of when I was 18. At first I freaked out that they wouldn't let me adopt, but they will, we just need to adjust the home study to say that. It makes me so mad because this stupid thing follows me whereever I go! I opened a bottle of soda in the grocery store I worked at and the gung ho wantabee cop accused me of stealing it! A .50 soda, seriously! The judge dropped it because it was so stupid, but it will always be on my record!
So needless to say I was ready for a break from paperwork. But when we got home last night we saw that our I171H form, our USCIS approval is here! This is the last big scary step. Makayla is really going to be ours, its so real! I know the judge in her country is not going to say no. I've been told that no judge has ever said no. that means she's ours! Oh I can't even believe it! Now just a few more things to have notarized this week, and our paperwork is on its way and we wait for a date to go get her!
Remember the MP3 player give away is still going on. $10.00 for one entry and $25.00 for 3 entries. Use the top chipin on the side!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sony MP3 player givaway!

This is our newest giveaway! Its a Sony 16g MP3 player. Here's a little about it.
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Happy entering!!