Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I want off this roller coaster!

I've been so excited because we have only two more things before our dossier is done, DONE! Yippee! But these last two things are proving to be stinkers.
On Monday I said I wanted to be done Tuesday, on Tuesday I said today, now I'm afraid to say tomorrow for fear of jinxing myself. I just want this paperwork done! Done so we can sit back and (impatiently) wait for a date to go get our baby girl.
Please send good vibes for paperwork to be done!!


  1. Praying for you guys to get all the paperwork done asap and for a quick date to go and pick her up!!!

  2. Loads of good positive vibes being sent your way...I can feel your impatience, and naturally so, I would be the same!!

  3. It must be so hard to wait, knowing that your little girl is sitting and waiting for you. It'll be time soon enough. And I can't WAIT to hear and read all about it! :)

    We are going to Disneyland on Sunday, and Peanut will definately be sporting her Minnie bows!

  4. GOOD VIBE coming right at ya!!!

  5. I am feeling your pain and frustration. We have been waiting for two documents to finish our dossier as well. :::sigh::: It is so incredibly frustrating when these things are beyond our control.

    Bringing Alyona home