Friday, May 21, 2010

Bows to bring Makayla home!

These bows raise money to help us bring Makayla home soon! There are 8 different ones to choose from. They are $6.00 a pair, or 3 for $15.00, shipping included! To buy them just leave a comment at the bottom, saying how many and which ones you want. be sure to leave your email address so I know how to contact you. Then you can pay with the chipin on her blog, just tell me what you are paying for. I will erase the comments when I fill that order!
Thanks for helping us bring an oprhan with Down syndrome home to her forever family!


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  2. I just loved the bows, we are also adopting I am going order soem of those little bows. makayla is also my daughter we adopted from Ukraine's name.

  3. Hi - I'd like to order 3 sets of bows:

    2 pairs of the Minnie Mouse clips
    1 pair of the Ladybug clips

    My e-mail address is and I'll pay through Chip-In right now.

    Thanks much!

    Tina Thomas

  4. Hi Lacey,

    I've been following your blog unofficially for about a month. I'm in the process of creating my own blog to tell the story of my 7 year old daughter with DS and her never "typical" older sister. Just wanted to say that Jaxson is a doll with a wonderful family and God bless you for adding Makayla to your lives. I sent you a little donation this evening to support you on your journey.

  5. I am ordering the Minnie Mouse ones right now! :)

  6. Hi Lacey,
    I would love three sets of bows:
    Butterfly and
    I will pay with now!

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  8. How long is the order open for?

  9. Can we still order bows? Am wondering if you would do red on the minnie bows instead of the pink?

  10. Also wondering if you're still selling the bows? Just hopped to your blog from Zoey's! These are adorable...and my daughter is in love with the flutterfly! LOL!

  11. Hi, just paid for 7 sets of the minnie mouse bows. Please do these with the red instead of the pink. Thank you. Can't wait to finally "meet" your baby girl:)

  12. Wow those are fantastic! I would like 2 of the minnie mouse sets and a butterfly set please.
    My email is

    Do you want me to pay now? I can. Just let me know. Be blessed!!

  13. ok I want to order two sets of the lady bugs and one butterfly. I have to run and get Mariah from school so I will pay when I get back in a little while thanks lacey

  14. Hi Lacey - I am going to go online and pay right after I leave this comment. I would like the 3 pairs for $15 please:

    1 pr. white & hot pink
    1 pr. butterfly
    1 pr. turkey/thanksgiving

    thanks so much! :)

  15. Hi Lacey! Just wanted you to know that I received the hair clips today and they are adorable! Thanks so much! May God continue to bless your journey!

    I completely understand your frustration over things shutting down for a bit... We're going to send our dossier on Wednesday - I'll just be so happy to have it out of my hands! :)

    adopting Sasha (2)

  16. Hello again.

    I would like to order more. 3 sets


    I can't wait to receive my other bows. I had been thinking I should have ordered those too and those oh oh and those, so here I am back again and you cant beat the cause! Good Luck to you!!

    Paying now.
    Be blessed

  17. hi again, got my bows and loved them so much that i need more, and some for my friends! I'd like 2 sets each of halloween, thanksgiving, xmas and easter, and one of the white bows. - total of 9 pairs for $45.

    let me know if this works for you and i'll pay by the chip-in...

    Dannielle Kennedy-Battle

  18. HI,
    Are you still making these? If so I would like 3 sets (butterfly, ladybug and turkey) please!

  19. Hi Lacey! I want to do the 3 sets for $15. I'd like the Ladybug, Butterfly and Minnie.


  20. Can I get two sets of lady bugs and one set of Christmas trees? I'd pay via the Chip-in, but it says it ended. Please let me know what to do! Thanks!

  21. Are the bows still available? I would like 2 sets of 3 pairs if that is still an option. Niece and goddaughter!