Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A new day, a baby girl!

Today is a new day!
If you follow my family blog you may remember back in November I posted this picture!

It was the first time I went on Reeces Rainbow, and I fell in love with this baby girl! That's when we decided it was time to start the adoption process. We didn't go for her because at the time we weren't even considering international adoption. We didn't think it was possible with Jax! I credit this beautiful face for pushing our adoption process along.
The other day I was going through the kido's on RR again. Yes I still do this even though I'm in the middle of an adoption! I found this sweet girl.
Look familiar??
I went back to her a couple of times, thinking, can this really be the same baby girl I saw? She had the same name, Anastasyia. I know there are many with that same name. But I had to know, so I emailed Andrea. It is indeed the same baby girl! I can't believe she doesn't have a family yet. If she is still here in a year, I'm going back for her. But I really want her in a home before then. Look at this sweet face! She needs a home. And if your worried about adopting another special needs, or a special needs in general, she is the one for you! She is healthy! And here is what her profile reads.

This blue-eyed beauty was born at 38 weeks with a strong Apgar score. She is HEALTHY, with no heart condition. She can walk on her own and feed herself. She likes to play and throw balls. She understands what is being told to her and follows directions well. She can pronounce simple words. She likes to imitate animal sounds.

She is doing so good, she must be a good orphanage! I would love to see her go to a family. Please consider her! Click here to go to her profile!


  1. I will post her on my blog too if you dont mind and get the word out. My goodness is she stunningly beautiful!!!

    Be blessed

  2. She was one of my Christmas Tree babies! I ADORE HER!

  3. How can she not be snagged up by now? She is beautiful!! I haven't noticed her on there. Is she in the Ukraine or Russia?

  4. I almost adopted her. She is in Russia #8. She was with Arina, the first baby we wanted, who disappeared. The last pic of her was with the cutest blond ponytails ever!!! I think Andrea is remembering her wrong because in Nov '09 she was listed as that little girl with ponies and she was holding a toy up to her mouth. I sent Andrea that updated pic of her that I pulled of the Russian database.

    So maybe there are two more beauties out there waiting for you Lacey :-)

  5. Wow, Lacey, her code is the same on all her pics. I am going to email you the other one that was up in Nov. You will love it! Maybe you can add it to this post.

  6. You know that I want her!!! I wish it weren't so hard to get her though! I still want to adopt, but have decided that it would be better to do it in the states, due to it being somewhat easier since you don't have to be away from home so long.

  7. I looked thru all the pictures last night after your email and there was another one with the same pucker lips - I thought it was her :)

  8. Hey - did you see that Monroe - you posted about him a week or so ago - has a family!!!!!!

  9. Anastasyia! I fell in love with her when I first saw her, but we also had begun our adoption. I honestly thought that someone from her country had adopted her. I can't believe she still has not found a family.