Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baby Arina is home!

Daddy and baby came in at 10:28 last night. We didn't take any pics with our camera, as we were a tad busy.
She is an angel! She never fusses, you put her in her crib and she goes right to sleep! Her brothers are fighting over who gets to feed her, hold her, push her, whatever!
She hated her bath this morning, I'm not sure if she has never been in a bathtub, or if it was a bad experience at the orphanage, but she screamed the whole time!
I can't even explain how I feel. Its been 8 years since I gave a baby a bottle, fed them baby food, and sat them in a shopping cart! We are enjoying every minute of her!
Sorry for the first part of the video. Ray was coming, so I threw my video camera at my niece and told her to tape!
And sorry its so long, I don't know how to split it up.
Oh and the cutest thing. You'll see in the video Tanner is crying, I ask him whats wrong, and he says "I'm just so happy". It was the cutest thing ever!
The video looks better on our other blog, its not cut off like it is here.


  1. That is the sweetest video!!! So happy for you guys! She is a sweetheart!!! To see your boys with her is just too cute!

  2. That is just beautiful, watching it thru tears. I think that Tanner is awesome for being so darn excited. Jax face is so cute as his sister touches him. Has Daddy let go of her yet? :)

    Was that a little waving going on there with her?

    Nope I don't think that anyone liked her at all. LOL Just kidding, she's definitely a keeper!


    Teri :)

  3. Our first bath with Isabel was a nightmare. Often adopted kids either hate it or love it initially, but most kids roll around to loving the tub! Congrats on being home together!

  4. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for your family!! I watched the whole video and she is just precious and so cute!! Your boys are so cute too!! I love how excited they were to hold her!! They are so loving!!! Congrats again!!!

  5. No words, just tears of joy for you and your family!!


  6. Adorable baby. You guys are so lucky to have a big family like that. Jax and the Arina looked like they weren't too sure what to think of each other. I'm impressed that Arina already knows how to wave at her age.

  7. I'm so glad you got her home, and for me what seems like so quickly. Your boys are so cute with her!! I'm so happy for you!! Congratulations!


  8. My husband and I watched Arina's homecoming video together~twice~tears streaming, hearts glowing. We just couldn't be happier and more grateful to God, for your amazing gift of 100% pure LOVE. What a truly fortunate, beautiful family~just so full of love, tenderness, joy and pride. My favorite moment is when Arina and Jaxson reach out to one another, touching and loving~looking so content~it's like they is truly GRAND! :)
    May God bless and keep you all~~~thank you again, for sharing this amazing, love filled journey. Looking forward to the many updates, coming our way :) (((HUGS))) From Oregon!! <3

  9. Okay..Tanner made me bawl!!! What a great moment...a brand new happy!!!!

  10. This was totally making me cry, especially Tanner! Wow, what amazing little boys you have, Lacey. I've said it before, but Arina's a very lucky little girl. How old is she?

  11. That was such a beautiful beautiful video!! I couldn't help but tear up. Welcome back home. Hugs your family from RR.

  12. Welcome home Arina, she's beautiful.

    When Liberty got out of the hospital at 4 months old and had never had a bath because of surgery/cpr/ecmo, when she first got a bath she screamed and screamed traumatically, we even had to ask her dr. about it eventually because it was too traumatizing for her. The cardiologist said we would be traumatizing her more by forcing her baths because in childs brains its scary or its not scary, there is no in between. We had to do one sponge bath a week until we worked up to it. Then by a few months it was Libertys favorite thing in the world, she had a bath every night after that, and begged for more. Also bathtime is the same at eating time for heart babies, it makes them tired and breathing hard so her heart defect could make her tired in the bath and that scares her. I hope you get it figured out and she loves them eventually because if it's anything like how Libby was bathtime ended up with us both in tears.

    Glad to see you are getting all her medical taken care of right away. Good Mommy Lacey, and I will pray for good results on everything. I bet the medical was really limited over there so here they will get her taken care of. Loved the homecoming video. You need a family picture now :) BEAUTIFUL!

  13. THis brings tears to my eyes. I'm so, so happy for you all!