Monday, July 5, 2010

Trying to relax!

We had a nice weekend away knowing that our paperwork is done and we don't have to worry about wasting time not getting stuff done! Our dossier should be done being apostilled tomorrow. I'm not sure if they are closed today to celebrate the 4th holiday. I just wait for them to call telling me they are done! My sister may come here from Oklahoma with her girls to stay with the boys while we are gone. Her oldest starts kindergarten this year but she told me she's not too worried about her missing kindergarten. That surprised me! We aren't quite sure what to do with Jax yet though. I know that we can show my sister how to do everything, I just don't want her to get overwhelmed with her girls and my boys, plus all of Jax's cares. We are seriously considering flying to Texas and dropping Jax off with Bella's family! She offered to take Jax while we go, and I would trust Bella's mommy with Jax life! You can teach anyone to care for a trach, but the instinct to know the little, subtle things comes with experience! We are still deciding of course, and a lot will depend on how late in August our date is! I'm getting so excited, soon our girl will be home!

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  1. August will be here before you know! Be blessed!