Monday, July 26, 2010

The best big brothers ever!

Makayla is going to be the most loved little girl ever! She is going to have 3 boys wrapped around her little finger so tight, that one little peep and they'll be there. I have never seen 3 boys so excited to have a little sister. They point out every cute baby girl they see and say, oh I can't wait until Makayla is home! The other day I had to go the the Childrens Place to return some shorts, and Carter insisted he come and pick out a dress for Makayla. Yes, a seven year old boy wanted to go shopping to pick out a dress! Yes, he does love his long hair, but he is not girly at all, he is definitely all boy!

And man does that boy have good taste! He picked out the cutest little dress ever! Of course he picked the hat that matches, and a sweater in case it gets cold!
Isn't it gorgeous?!

Oh I fear we are going to have a spoiled rotten girl on our hands! Yikes!

Some fundraiser updates. Our yard sale is going to be Aug. 14. So again if you live in Utah and you have stuff you were going to take to the DI, we'll come pick it up for the yard sale. Any donation would be helpful to help us buy our food for the lunch, and the cotton candy.
Also spread the word, we have a couple things we are selling that we need to get rid of and will use that money for the adoption. Ray has a 2006 Honda Rebel motorcycle. Its black, and its a small bike, a great beginner bike and gas saver! Also, we are selling our 2000 Honda Odyssey van. I don't have a picture of it yet either. It blue books for around 4500 but we are selling it for 2000 because of the cosmetic stuff. The front bumper is cracked, and both back tail lights need to be replaced, but those are easy fixes. It runs like a dream and has a whole new brake system! Email me with any questions!


  1. She deserves to be spoiled. Good job Carter, you picked out a super cute outfit. Can't wait for her to wear it.
    Aidan picked out several outfits for Alayna before she was born and was SO proud everytime she wore them, he would tell people I picked that one out.

  2. That outfit is sooooooo cute, Lacey! I can only imagine the spoiling that will be going on in your household. Can't wait to hear that she's home.

  3. Aww, how sweet! Your boys are amazing with my Peanut, I can't even imagine how awesome they will be with Makayla! :)

  4. Cute outfit...but an even cuter big brother. How exciting for them to be a part of this adoption journey.

  5. that is so cute that he wanted to pick out a dress and he has very good taste. Yes, I can see that she will be very spoiled. She won't have a chance to make a peep.

  6. Awwwww, Carter, you melt my heart! So do your brothers! I can't wait for Makayla to be home to feel the love you all have stored up for her!